Thursday, January 01, 2009

Stuck in Seattle

Well . . . the plan was to leave Christmas Day for Spokane and then head to the Seattle area the day after Christmas. We would spend the time with my family until New Years, and then we'd travel to Wenatchee and spend the day with Mrs. Ref's family -- and THEN we'd head home on Friday.

The best laid plans . . .

As it is, all roads over the Cascades are currently closed and won't be open until later today. I've decided to cancel the trip to Wenatchee and just work on getting home safely and in a decent manner.

We'll see how that turns out.

And if this keeps up, I'll call a couple of parishioners and tell them to lead MP in my unplanned absence.

Ish . . .


DaYouthGuy | 3:41 PM, January 01, 2009  

A long, long time ago I had a job interview in Wenatchee. It was at the local radio station originally for a morning drive DJ/PD slot that quickly became a DJ/PD/GM slot. It was the strangest interview of my life. I was told that one of the deciding factors in my not being hired was that I'd worn a baseball cap to the interview. Not DURING the interview, just TO the interview. That was seen as unbelievably rude (that's what they told me!). Of course the idea of holding 3 of the 4 most important positions all at the same time was insanity. The guy they hired was fired less than 18 months later (yes I kept my eyes open for the call letters in the trades). In the end I was very happy NOT to get the job but I found Wenatchee to be absolutely beautiful! Plus the local TEC parish was St. Luke's as I remember (same name as my current one) and there's a large fruit wholesaler with the same last name as mine! I truly could see myself living there.

Wenatchee is on my list of places I'd like to visit again. I actually flew into Wenatchee which was one of the more interesting flights of my life (think dice in a cup). Hope you get home safe and sound.


Reverend Ref + | 4:15 PM, January 01, 2009  

Yes, St. Luke's would be correct. I was married in that parish. Wenatchee is a nice town and in a good area. Odd about the job interview . . .

Tell you what -- fly into Butte or Bozeman and I'll meet you at the airport.

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