Friday, February 06, 2009

This Weekend

This is a relatively big upcoming weekend.

First, we are heading over to Bozeman tonight because The Kid has an interview with the Student Foreign Exchange Agency. She has applied to be in Germany next year. This is a little daunting. I've resigned myself to the fact that she keeps growing up (dammit -- 5 was good) and certain things need to be done. We've hosted four exchange students, so it would be a little hypocritical of me to not allow my little girl the chance to do something like this. What's really got me stressing, of course, is the cost of it all. Luckily this is a scholarship program, so everything from the cost of the program to the travel to and from Germany is covered. What's not covered is the transportation to and from NYC or DC (I forget which), or that "suggested $300/month spending money."

So the Saturday interview is first up.

The next thing happening this weekend is our attempts at a church youth group. We have done all the upfront stuff (recruited several adult leaders, done the background checks, laid out the first few programs, and invited the kids), now we just need to put it all together. We've invited all the kids we knew of from the general area and have basically decided to meet in VC since it is smack dab in the middle of the area. I've run into a few parents who tell me that they think it's a good idea and that their kids are looking forward to it, so we'll see.

So, to recap -- interview for Germany tomorrow, first youth group meeting Sunday.

Guess which one scares me more?


DaYouthGuy | 9:47 AM, February 06, 2009  

My daughter went to Honduras as a sophomore in HS. So I know your worries. I can tell you that she came back changed very much for the better. You'll still worry but it's for the good.

As for youth group you have my heartfelt prayers. I won't presume to advise from this distance but I will share one piece of hard won experience. Don't get too hung up on "the program" if the kids are clearly headed somewhere else. Sometimes you find the most amazing experiences that way. And worse comes to worse you'll begin to establish a solid, comfortable relationship with them. Have fun.


Jane Ellen+ | 10:17 AM, February 06, 2009  

I wouldn't worry about that $300 a month spending money. Given Cece's appetite since she started working out and all, I'm guessing her share of the grocery bill will go a long way toward it.

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