Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back . . . for a bit

Okay, the last internet connection fiasco seems to have been corrected by a new wifi box thingy. I had high hopes for this, but we had more difficulties earlier today, so I'm still not convinced that it was as simple as replacing the box. But we'll keep an eye on it.

So, what have I been doing with myself? Well, in all honesty, not much; or "same ol' same ol'." Not much changes here in SW MT. And that's really okay with me. At some point I need to post up my sermons for Easter and Easter 2, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing that. Of course, the astute reader will say, "Why don't you do it now??" And I'll answer, "Because I don't feel like working at the moment." Something about posting sermons feels too much like work.

On Thursday I drove up to Great Falls for a seminar put on by the Church Pension Fund on "Planning for Tomorrow." Learning about retirement issues, savings, that sort of thing. Turns out I'm not as bad off as I had thought I was; so maybe I won't be sleeping on that park bench in Havre after all. It also helps that I had impeccable timing in that I managed to get myself ordained just before I turned 40. Which means that I will be able to serve a full 25 or 30 years before retirement. And that is VERY GOOD for the retirement pension.

The drive up was eventful, as Wednesday we had 73 degree weather; but Thursday was snow and about 25. By the time I got to GF, I couldn't get out of my car because the road slush had frozen the doors shut.

Came home Saturday in much nicer weather. Then I had to spend today in my last "Leadership Plenty" seminar. This is a grass roots sort of thing that is designed to help develop leaders in the community.

Tonight we had our Youth Group meeting. We had six kids there, which is a decent sized group for us. They went on an Easter egg hunt through VC that had clues leading them back to the church. And then we watched an episode of "God, the Devil and Bob." So it was a good evening.

Tomorrow, Monday, I'm in the office and packing up. No, not the office; I chose not to pursue the offer from the other church. But packing in general, as I'm off to Omaha for a meeting Tuesday through Thursday.

So I'm back for a bit, and so is our internet connection.


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