Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Continuing Internet Issues

So we've been having problems with our internet connection. Not sure what the deal is; sort of like taking your car to the repair shop and saying, "It won't go sometimes."

I've talked with the people across the street from whom we steal are allowed to tap into their wifi. That had some problems, but nothing major.

Then we tried to reset the **WARNING: Hi-tech language coming** wifi booster box thingy that helps get the signal from the front of the house to the upstairs back room.

That worked for a bit.

In short, we're up for a short time, then down for a longer time. At the moment, we seem to be on an upswing, so I'm grabbing this opportunity to let all four of my readers know why I haven't posted lately.

And not sure when I'll get around to doing so again. Today I'm off to Bozeman for our clericus meeting. Tomorrow I'm off to Great Falls to learn how I'll be living on the street after retirement because I'm a financial loser. I will also pick up a new booster box thingy for home to see if that helps significantly. Sunday I'm attending the last session of a local leadership course. Monday I pack. Tuesday I fly to Omaha.

That's enough for now.


drpcp | 9:53 PM, April 22, 2009  

Good luck getting it all working. When I'm visiting my sister's house, I lose my connection whenever the neighbor's WiFi starts broadcasting. It's highly annoying, and the only way I know around it is to turn off and on my WiFi receiver on my computer.

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