Friday, May 15, 2009


This weekend and next week are busy for me.

Beginning tonight and going through tomorrow (for me anyway), the rest of the fire department and I are off to a class on wild land firefighting. We'll be covering the ins and outs of fighting fire in the wilderness. Things like fire behavior, fuel, attack methods, and the all important equipment training -- otherwise known as "Learn not to burn -- how to properly don a fire shelter."

While I'm doing that, Mrs. Ref and The Kid will be in the Butte area so that the Kid can be properly oriented to be a foreign exchange student.

Tomorrow evening, the youth group will be dying eggs for the Easter egg hunt to take place Sunday after service. We do this because it's STILL the Easter season and we try to celebrate all season long. I'm not sure I'll be home from my firefighting class by the time youth group starts, so they may have to color eggs without me.

Sunday is a joint service with the Methodists. We'll be at their place since it holds more people, and I'll be preaching. Then everyone will wander over to our place for coffee hour and the egg hunt.

And Monday at O-My-Gawd-It's-Early, I'm flying off to Denver where I'll meet up with Jane, and we'll both fly out to Atlanta for the Festival of Homiletics. As I was explaining to a friend in the bar, it's a "trade show for preachers." I'm really looking forward to that.

So, that's my weekend and upcoming week.


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