Monday, May 11, 2009


Sometimes I wonder if my daughter has blond roots.

We are working on getting all of the paperwork for her possible exchange experience to Germany for the next. One of the forms needed is a dental exam. As it happens, the local dentist accepts our insurance; so that's a good thing.

We saw him last Thursday at the school play and he said he would look at his schedule and see where he could squeeze her in.

Mrs. Ref got a call on her cell phone this morning at 7:05: "Did The Kid tell you she had an appointment with me at 8?"

Um . . . NOOOOO

So I got myself cleaned up and ran up to the school to pick her up.

I met her at her locker:

"What are you doing here?"
"Do you remember the dentist saying you had an appointment today at 8?"
"Oh ... snap ... that's now?? I thought he meant at 8 P.M."

Words fail me .....


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