Thursday, October 08, 2009

Just stuff

Last Thursday I officiated at the funeral of a 3 month old.

Life moves on. From then until today the event list looks like this:

Last Thursday was also bar night. Had good post-funeral conversations, which I mentioned. But then I was also asked by someone who had spent too much time at another local bar, "Do you smoke weed?"

He actually seemed upset that I didn't.

Friday football game where we wore our new black pants for the first time.

Sunday service that included the blessing of the animals.

Monday football; Tuesday deanery clericus meeting; Wednesday bar night where, apparently, the "weed" story has gotten around town, as well as being given a sizable donation for the church to use in helping people obtain Christmas meals; and a football game tonight.

And then tomorrow, Friday, I'm working a HUGE game between the league front runners.

So . . . nothing major going on . . . just stuff.


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