Thursday, September 21, 2006


blog postings decrease. As Jane well knows, sometimes you just don't have the time to blog, what with all the fires that need to be put out (some literally, some figuratively).

Not that I've had fires to put out, but stuff has happened. I find that what I thought would be a decent post running around in my head often disappears about the time I decide to sit down and post. So far, this has not happened yet with sermon writing (which reminds me, I need to do that today).

Monday I began getting ready for this upcoming Sunday as well as the next Sunday because I'll be out of town then and I want my VC officiant to be prepared. I did the usual reading over the lessons, choosing hymns, notifying my VC organist and programming Ms. Emily. I also read this article from ENS and wondered if the IRS was also going to pursue Pat Robertson and the 700 Club or other mega-churches who have espoused a pro-Bush agenda. (Note to self: Maybe posting my sermons isn't such a hot idea.) Began putting together some semblance of adult ed focusing on church history, and started finalizing pre-convention meeting plans.

Tuesday included my initial sermon prep, which can be summed up as "read the lessons, think, read the lesson, think, read the lesson, think, write down any brief thoughts that may come to me." It was a short day in VC since I had to leave by 2:20 in order to make it to Dillon for two juior high football games.

Yesterday included adding another feature to the parish website, more adult ed prep, downloading and printing the 48 PAGE convention journal, getting a note from the bishop asking me to "think about applying" to a C.E. opportunity in 2007, getting pictures off to the diocesan UTO coordinator for her presentation about our spiffy new roof, and completed and printed off a couple of Sunday ordos. And then got an emergency-I-need-a-priest call about 7 p.m.

So I dealt with that and then came home and took the trash to the dump.

If I get my sermon finished today I can call it a week.


Anonymous | 2:27 PM, September 21, 2006  

If you get bored now that everything's done, you can come up with a children's sermon for me, too!

Do the 700 Club and all those have non-profit status? (What about non-prophet status?) If they don't, they have nothing to lose.

And so far even though someone could maybe kinda sorta sit back and read your sermons and say, "Hm, I think he doesn't like Bush," I definitely think you'd have a case... After all you aren't campaigning for or against anyone, and it isn't even a national election year.

What C.E. opportunities come to mind? I'm sure we could arrange something out here. ;-)

I'm curious to know more about the church history class.

Wait... You take your own trash to the dump?!

Reverend Ref + | 6:56 PM, September 21, 2006  

1. I won't get bored.
1a. Children's sermon: Play nice with each other.

2. I don't know if they are non-profit, non-prophet, or both, or neither.

3. Okay, I'll relax.

4. C.E. opportunity at VTS for clergy of small parishes. I'll let you know more as it takes shape.

5. Um . . . I'm curious to know more about it also. Where's AKMA??

6. Yes, I occassionaly take my own trash to the dump. Most of the time a parishioner does it, but sometimes there's just too much. And no, there's no curbside pickup ... heck, we don't even have curbs!

Anonymous | 8:46 PM, September 23, 2006  

I think another blogger went to the small parish thingy last year ---field of dandelions. Might want to ask him about it (and sorry I don't know all the linky tricks)

Reverend Ref + | 11:14 PM, September 23, 2006  


lol - I must be tired. For a minute I thought the conference was titled "Field of Dandelions."

But I figured it out. Thanks for the tip.

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