Monday, February 12, 2007


I was watching Mythbusters last night and saw a commercial for "Just for Men" hair color.

Usual stuff about how graying hair ruins a man's life and whatnot, and then this tag line:

"Don't hide the man you really are . . . use Just for Men hair coloring to show your real self." (or something like that)

Now we all know that commercials are inherantly biased and overly sexed-up and all of that, but this one just struck me as just . . . . wrong.

If you are graying, isn't that the real you? And if you are coloring your hair, then aren't you really hiding the man you are behind that dye?

If you want to color your hair, fine. And if Clairol (I think) wants to push hair color for men, so be it. But don't tell me that by not coloring your hair you're hiding the man you really are.


Padre Mickey | 7:14 PM, February 12, 2007  

Graying I can deal with, my problem is that I have "skin-coloured" hair on the top of my head! But if I wear a rug I WILL be covering my real self!

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