Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Of course, if you're already a parent you knew that. But for those of you about to become a parent, or are thinking about it (you all know who you are), be warned. It's not always fun and games, as Jane Ellen had the opportunity to report on this past week.

My daughter came into the room about 0600 saying her tummy hurt. (She doesn't go to her mom because those maternal instincts that awake moms at feeding time, sick time, bad dream time, etc. never quite kicked in). So I asked if it felt like she was going to get sick, if she was hungry, or what. She thought she was hungry. Knowing that she didn't have a huge dinner last night, that was a possibility. So I got her a small glass of milk.

***NOTE: If your kid says their tummy hurts, always give them a bowl***

About an hour later, I came back from my morning rounds as the Booted SWTS Security Dude to sounds of my wife retching in the bathroom. Turns out that the milk I gave the kid caused her to "blow." Unfortuneately she missed her intended target. To keep from having two puking people in the house, I sent my wife off to bed and cleaned up.

The upside is that we have a shiny clean bathroom now. And in my opinion, scented candles were a great invention.



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