Tuesday, March 23, 2004


No, not me. Peg leg. The pooping Swiffer. The three-legged pig. That little white furry animal The Kid has become so attached to that she wanted to have the leg amputated and nurse it back to health. After all, "It's only five months old, Dad. It DESERVES a life."

One humorous side note to all of this. We found out that Zipporah (yes, The Kid chose Bible names for the little rodent -- the other one is Trinity) is a male. Hmmm, considering that we thought the other one was male and then purchased all of the stuff to keep them separate . . . No, I don't even want to start calculating. Anyway, Zipporah has been renamed 'Lazarus', in honor of the lame beggar who sat outside the rich man's house begging for scraps.

I wanted to rename it Zippy, but the humor was lost on the women of the house. Sigh.


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