Thursday, May 06, 2004


Here's the story: VC-S finally figured out things with the bishop. Next weekend, Mrs. Ref and I will fly to City A, drive 2 hrs north to meet with the bishop, and then drive 4 hours south to meet the people of VC-S. I will preach at at least one service, probably both, and then drive 2 hours back north on the day of our departure.

In two weeks, Mrs. Ref and I will fly to City B and meet with the people of A-DL-P, and I will preach at at least one service; they aren't sure how this will be set up yet. Luckily the airport city in this case is only 30 minutes east of the parish. Then we will fly back to Chicagoland.

And THEN, in three weeks, I hope to have the problem of trying to discern where I need to plant me and my family.

Somewhere in all of that, I need to finish some class projects, graduate and get ordained (see 2 Posts Down -- anyone need to name their garage band?).


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