Monday, June 07, 2004


Two years ago I started CPE. Last year I moved to Walla Walla for a summer internship at St. Paul's. This year . . . This year feels alot like when I first arrived at SWTS. I have nothing to do except get ready for my next adventure. Three years ago I was setting up shop. This year, I'm closing down shop.

I need to finish the morning dishes and do the laundry. And then . . . and then I need to start packing up. I need to focus on the office. All of those theology, liturgy, scripture and history books need to come off the shelves and into boxes. Final class notes need to be organized and packed. I keep telling myself, "The more I do now, the less stressful it will be when The Big Day Finally Arrives."

Oh yeah, I also need to start getting ready for the trip home so that I can get diaconated. That happens in two days, so I can't procrastinate too much. We fly out of here Wednesday and upon our arrival in Seattle immediately attend the funeral of an old uncle. Then on Thursday we drive to Spokane. Friday is a meeting with my current bishop, and Mrs. Ref needs to practice on the carrillon (she's playing at the ordination service). Saturday is the BIG EVENT. Saturday night is a reception at a friends place with other family and friends. Sunday is . . . I don't know. I think I'll go to church. It might be the last time I visit it as an actual member of that congregation. Monday we drive back to Seattle. Tuesday we fly back to Chicagoland.

And THEN I start talking with Montana about the specifics of this new job -- when, how & how much come immediately to mind. Mrs. Ref leaves her job on the 21st, so there's a little bit of nervousness there.

Well, now that I've pretified this post with all kinds of cool links and pictures, I should probably get to work. Please keep me and all the SWTS graduates in your prayers as we prepare to move on.


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