Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I've always wanted to say that. In this case it would be true. I'm finishing up my last week of seminary. It's been a strange and magical and mysterious and obnoxious and trying time, but I'm done. I finished up my part of a theology presentation yesterday night, and now just need my group's input and make the presentation. Other than that, my Genesis paper is turned in, my Practicum paper is turned in, and my books are out of the chapel.

Eight years ago I talked with a priest about going into the ordained ministry. I spent two years getting my AA, two years getting my BA, a year putting everything in order for seminary, and three years at SWTS getting my M.Div (not to mention dragging my family 2/3 of the way across the country). I'm walking out of here with a degree and $75,000 worth of debt. Yee Haw.

On the bright side, I get ordained to the diaconate in just over a week and I have a job.

Truth be told, I will miss this place. SWTS isn't perfect, but it's perfectly here. I will miss my classmates as we scatter about the country. I will miss faculty who have helped mold me. I will miss staff who have simply been here. I will miss the middlers and juniors whom I have come to know. And I will miss those people whom I should have gotten to know sooner. But right now, I will enjoy my last days of seminary and look forward to graduation.



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