Friday, May 16, 2008


Today was rather eventful. I measured and planned and made a list for everything that needs to be done for the Big Project in VC. I had lunch with a parishioner. I ran into a guy at the restaurant who thought he could get a volunteer work crew together to help us move pews and such. I delivered one of our historic mementos to a local merchant who will sell them without taking a cut. I wrote a sermon -- didn't get it typed up, but it's done writ.

Came home and had a new chicken-mustard recipe thing for dinner that was yummy. Went to the school for the annual spring concert and heard The Kid sing in three numbers (they did great). Then skipped out for a Food Pantry meeting. Came back in time to hear the Senior Band play their last number. Helped serve up ice cream sundaes. Walked home with The Kid.

Heard the fire alarm go off. Went up into the mountains to see what we could see. Saw that somebody had started about seven different fires of slash and then abandoned them. Fought a little bit of fire in one pile to keep it from spreading. Helped to babysit it until about 11:15. Came home. Needed to spend some time winding down (hence the blog).

Just about there. Off to the shower so I don't smell like I've been rolling around a campfire. Then off to bed.

I think I'll sleep in tomorrow.


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