Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I went for my morning run today and decided to start throwing in what I call "football running." These are basically a set of short, quick runs designed to imitate working on the side.

I promptly strained/tweaked/pulled my right quad.

I DO NOT need this three weeks before the season.

The good news is that . . . well . . . it's three weeks before the season and hopefully I have time to heal up. At least this didn't happen during the first game.


Father John | 10:01 AM, August 13, 2008  

Could this be an "age" related injury? Hmm. There are some really nice retirement homes around the area. I would be happy to drive you if the eye sight is going. Just let me know. I'm here to help.

Reverend Ref + | 9:26 AM, August 14, 2008  

How kind of you.

I'm sure those pastoral skills aren't lost on your parishioners.

"Dear Mabel . . . sorry to hear you're in the hospital; would you like me to call the undertaker for you?"

I'll let you know when I'm working a game down in Dillon -- maybe you can be ready with the wheelchair.

Father John | 3:51 PM, August 14, 2008  

Honestly, the day I start doing "football running" is the day you get to come and preside at my funeral - I want the kind with the 6 candles around the coffin by the way. So I can blabber on about you exercising while I sit and sip scotch. I'm guessing that I'll be the one welcoming you in the Pearly Gates - after the Big JC - instead of the other way around. Blessings and I hope you heal up soon.

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