Monday, September 01, 2008


I got my football schedule yesterday.

Since I've been here, I have not worked a home town varsity game, stating that whole "conflict of interest" thing. This is something I picked up from my days in Spokane: if you had a kid in high school, or you worked for a school, or your spouse worked for a school, you didn't work varsity games involving that LEAGUE. We just didn't want anyone to ever be able to say that we had any outside influences affecting our judgment.

My schedule this year includes one home town varsity game.

I am debating on whether or not to turn this one back.

On the "Keep it" side: I've been here long enough that people know me and know that I won't pander to the home team; people have seen me work games and know I do a decent job; it's not the Big Rivalry game; other than playoff games, basically every town has their "hometown refs"; I'm on the visiting team's sideline.

On the "Turn it back" side: It's the town I live in and it still feels sort of odd to be doing that (but less so than it would have three years ago).

It's always a little gray, isn't it?


Rev Dave | 4:25 PM, September 03, 2008  

On the other hand, you could use this as fund raising opportunity for the church. Just politely encourage people to donate to the building fund or something if they're pleased with your calls.

If the weekly offering spikes the Sunday after the game, we'll know what happened. :-)

Reverend Ref + | 7:10 PM, September 03, 2008  

lol . . .

Or I could take a more "pro-active" approach: Sell off calls.

$100 gets you a 5 yard penalty
$500 gets you a 10 yard penalty
$1500 gets you a 15 yarder
$3000 gets you an ejection

But then again . . . No. Let's just put this idea with the one about slot machines in the narthex.

Tripp Hudgins | 4:05 PM, September 04, 2008  

Ooo! You have a slot machine in the narthex?

Reverend Ref + | 5:52 PM, September 04, 2008  

Well . . . no. It was just a thought.

The whole idea included a neon-lit Jesus on a cross and our name in lights: Christ Episcopal Church and Casino. I was thinking of a sign like from your neck of the woods at, what, the Philadelphia Mission (if I remember correctly).

And we were also thinking that instead of the usual symbols, we could retro-fit the bandit with chalice, thurible, ciborium, etc. But the bishop wasn't as enthused about our little fundraising idea as some of my other colleagues.

Oh well . . .

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