Saturday, October 25, 2008

And another one gone

Today was the last day of football season for me. I took a crew down to Lima for a double header. We did a lower level game and then the varsity game.

Lima plays 6-man football. This is a wide open, everyone is eligible, shoot out type of game. If you've ever watched the AFL, scores are often like that.

Unfortunately Lima only fields seven guys. One junior, two sophomores and four freshmen (I think was the count). Their junior left the game with maybe a minor concussion.

Today the varsity played Belfry (and yes, their nickname really is "The Bats"). I'm guessing that the kids from Belfry probably outweighed the kids from Lima by an average of 50 pounds or better.

Yes, there was lots of scoring; but it was all Belfry. Final score (if I remember right): Belfry 69, Lima 0.

But the kids from Lima never quit. And some of their biggest cheers came when the finally managed to tackle the Belfry running back. They got spunk.

And now the season is over. It's time to pack everything away for another year. It was a good season. And I never got rained on or snowed on . . . not even once.


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