Tuesday, October 21, 2008

General Goings On

Last Friday I worked a game between Dillon and Anaconda. The plan was to have a get together with a bunch of priesty-type friends and go to the game with a cheering section for the officials.

Only two of them could make it, everyone else bagged out. And we had a bbq at the third's house. Out of those three, only one went to the game. And my sister, brother-in-law and their kid also went. So it was more of a family affair than anything. But they all had a good time. And the game . . . well . . . There's a reason Anaconda is 0-7.

Saturday was spent with friends and family.

Sunday I had three services, since it was that week to go to the nursing home, and a home visitation. Sunday was also the birthday of a friend who is on the SVFD as well as seeing occasionally in the bar. I heard about it during my regular bar night visit and told him that I'd make a special trip down for him. So we had a good birthday celebration, and he was impressed that I actually showed up.

And Monday I spent the day working on answering questions about why my two parishes should receive financial support.

And that's been about it. Nothing profound or earth shattering. 007 I am not.


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