Sunday, November 30, 2008

Replacing the Kitchen Faucet

2:50 -- Began the process of replacing the leaky kitchen sink.

3:10 -- Old faucet out! (Gotta celebrate the small victories)

3:15 -- Discover that the holes in the sink don't match up to the connections for the new faucet. Much improper language ensues.

3:20 -- Make trip to hardware store to try and return faucet and look for one that fits current sink.

3:25 - 3:45 -- Look through every single kitchen faucet set at the hardware store trying to find one that fits my sink

3:45 -- Find a faucet with adjustable attaching screws

3:45:10 -- Filled with joy at discovering a faucet that will fit

3:45:15 -- Brought crashing down to reality as said faucet doesn't have necessary attachment for sprayer

3:45:45 -- Hardware store owner approaches asking if he can help

3:45:55 -- Show hardware store owner diagram of faucet holes (which I smartly drew before going to the hardware store)

3:46 -- "Oh ... that's a six-inch center; they hardly ever make those anymore."

3:46:10 -- Realize that, YET AGAIN, my incredible luck for buying anything from cars that are discontinued six months after my purchase to limited production cell phones to having computer issues that no one has "ever seen before; how'd you do that??" to living in houses with rare equipment continues to run true to form.

3:46:30 -- Have a discussion with Hardware Store Owner about the possibility of special ordering a kitchen faucet that will fit my current sink; wherein he tells me that he should be able to have his supplier bring one by tomorrow.

4:00 -- Go home with refund from first faucet and (tiny) hopes that a faucet will arrive tomorrow but with the actual knowledge that they won't be able to get one in until Friday whereupon I will have to reinstall defective faucet until new and improved faucet arrives.

If you happen to be living in an apartment where you can call the landlord to fix things, let me make a suggestion:

NEVER MOVE -- You don't know how good you've got it.


Father John | 11:34 AM, December 01, 2008  

I am thankful to say that Robyn and I are FINALLY wrapping up three years of this kind of nonsense. There was nothing in that old house of ours that they "made in more", that was level, square, etc. Last week I told her I really didn't care if it burned down at this point. Two years ago I told her our next house can "look" as old as she wants, but that it will be spankin' new! I feel your pain my brother... I feel your pain.

Lady Anne | 1:26 PM, November 04, 2010  

The Squire and I live in a house that, to quote him, "wasn't built; it was accumulated." Nothing is level, nothing is square, and the floor joists and studs where installed by the "right about here looks good" instruction book. The floor boards on the first floor go north and south; the second floor runs east and west. Quaint and charming, my foot!

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