Thursday, January 15, 2009

Picture Perfect

Today was a fabulous day here on the eastern slopes of the Great Northwest and in the middle of the Rockies; it was the beginning of what promises to be a solid week of sunshine and spring-like temperatures.

The day started off right when I drove up to VC in the sunshine.

For those of you who missed that, I drove to work in the sunshine. For the first time months, I drove to work in the sunshine.

When I ran out to pick up the mail, it was sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and maybe upper 30's, lower 40's. So I left the coat in the office.

A parishioner took me to lunch and we had a nice conversation.

I got everything done that needed to be done -- budget copied for Annual Meeting #1, two service ordos run off copied and folded, two sermons written, and tax letters for charitable contributions finished for CC.

Then I drove home .... in the sunshine.

The drive home wasn't the same as in the morning with the bright sunshine and shades required. Instead the sun had just dropped below the level of the Ruby Mountains, so it was still light enough to see without straining, the kamikaze deer weren't yet out, and the fading sunlight bathed the tops of the Tobacco Roots in shades of pink that seemed to be highlighted by the snow.

Yeah . . . It was a picture perfect day.


Ben | 10:24 AM, January 16, 2009  

Just another day in paradise....

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