Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun and Games

Tonight was drill night at the fire department. Granted, we don't drill nearly as often as we should, and sometimes I wonder why we do what we do. But tonight was not one of those nights.

We took a couple of rigs and went way back up into the nether regions of our district -- out where the hills are high and the snow comes deep and if there's ever a wildfire, there won't be anymore houses. Some very nice places up there, but it'll take us a good 35 - 45 minutes to just get up there, let alone start fighting fire.

But while we were up there, we worked with some dry hydrants. And if you're wondering and don't want to click on the link, it's basically a system with a supply line running from a cistern or other body of water from which you can draft. They are mainly designed for rural areas.

I also got a new piece of wildland equipment. While not looking exactly like that (mine's yellow, for instance, and not nearly as snazzy), you'll get the general idea. In short, my pack will carry some clothing (extra shirt, sweatshirt and gloves, for instance), as well as water, food and (if I get them) fire starter sticks. Oh, and this -- my own personal fire shelter to (ostensibly) keep me from frying and dying should I get in a less-than-ideal situation.

It was a productive night at the firehouse.


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