Monday, September 27, 2010


This past weekend was spent at our diocesan convention. It was the most relaxed and subdued convention I have attended since being in Montana. The budget discussion was more like, "This is where we are and we hope to improve," rather than a detailed, contentious nitpicking of every line item presented. We heard several presentations on Resurrectional Ministries around the diocese that covered narrative budgets, a wood bank, cafe meals, and community gardens. And there were only two orders of business that went off without a hitch.

And during the banquet and auction, I had time to step out and check on the Boise State - Oregon State game on a regular basis.

Today we are home and prepping to fly out to Not West Parish tomorrow. We'll head back to Convention City to spend the night at a motel since our flight leaves at 0600. This means that we only have to be UP at 0400, instead of leaving the house at 0330.

So, a few things around the office to get ready for next Sunday and some final packing. We'll be back Thursday in time for me to finish up everything else I need to do for Sunday service. And we'll enjoy ourselves while we're gone. Providing, that is, Mrs. Ref can fit all of her liquids into the terrorist proof ziploc baggie.


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