Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmastime in the Ref House

The Kid and her friend finally arrived last night between services.

This whole thing got me seriously discombulated as I lost track of time and started getting ready and frustrated for the late service.  Getting ready by lighting candles and getting vested.  Getting frustrated because the church was absolutely EMPTY as I went into the sacristy to vest.

It was then that Mrs. Ref and The Kid showed up and, after the appropriate greeting, wanted to know what I was doing.

"I'm getting ready for a service that apparently nobody is interested in attending."

"Maybe that's because service doesn't actually start for another hour."

Wow.  Okay.

Did service, said Merry Christmas, went home and helped Santa load up stockings.  Then went to bed.

Then it was up for service at 9 this morning.  Back home where we unwrapped Christmas gifts.  And then I took a multi-hour nap because I was tired and my back was absolutely killing me -- barely got through service, actually.

And now we are having our traditional shrimp scampi Christmas Eve dinner tonight because, well, remember all those travel issues . . .

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Lady Anne | 10:46 AM, December 27, 2012  

One of our most loyal members ended up at our parish because he had gone someplace else for the 11 AM service and there was nobody around. He found us in time for our 10 AM service andwent home to change his clock for daylight savings time.

So glad the kids are home safe and sound!

Reverend Ref + | 6:29 PM, December 27, 2012  

Now that's a good story. What's that bit about God working in mysterious ways?

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