Thursday, December 20, 2012


It's snowing in Grants Pass -- real snow.

Normally this would be a good thing.  Except this has also resulted in I-5 being closed due to weather conditions and accidents.

The Kid is (hopefully) flying into Portland tonight.

Um . . . are you connecting the dots here??

We will not be able to drive up to Portland tonight to pick her up.

However . . . We were able to get her added to the hotel reservation, so she will be able to sleep in an actual bed should her flight not get cancelled.

We will (hopefully) drive up to Portland tomorrow to pick her up and then drive home.

So, the weather will only be a (hopefully) minor distraction.

Lots of hopeful stuff going on here.

***UPDATE*** Closed roads and cancelled flights.  Nothing is happening in the near future.


Lady Anne | 10:32 AM, December 22, 2012  

Oh, dear! What a horrible feeling for parents - anybody! - to have a loved one stranded. Where is The Kid coming from? Can she spend an extra day at college? With a friend? All that good stuff...

Good luck, and while I know your Christmas will be blessed, I hope it will be a merry one, too.

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