Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things that make me go, "????"

One of the benefits of being an Episcopalian (as well as a Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Methodist I'm assuming) is that should some crisis appear in your life you can call up the local priest wherever you are and say, "Can you help me?"

This happens when a visitor ends up in the hospital and asks to see the local priest.  It happens when a child is far from home and you call the local priest and say, "Would you please check on her?"

It has happened in my career most often when someone dies and the family knows that they were, or thought they were, Episcopalian and call the church requesting me to officiate at the funeral.

But sometimes . . .

We received an e-mail at the church this morning:

Dear A,

Your mom may soon die.  She and her late husband have cemetery plots in town.  She has a head stone already there.  You would like a graveside service when she does die.  I've contacted the priest to let him know.

Um . . . wow.  Your mom may soon die and you will want a graveside service.  Call the priest.

I guess I may soon be doing a graveside service.  Alrighty then.


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