Monday, January 07, 2013

BCS Prediction

I wasn't really sure how I thought this game would go tonight, but I finally have my prediction.

I am not particularly superstitious, but there are things that happen that cause me to go, "That's not good."  For instance, I was ecstatic when WSU played in their first Rose Bowl since (I think) 1917; but when they took the field with new uniforms, I knew they would lose.  And they did.

So this morning I was watching Mike & Mike on ESPN2.  Big Mike is a ND grad and (obviously) big supporter.  In front of him today was a football with the ND logo pasted on it.  However, in order to make it stay put and keep the logo visible to the camera, the ball was flat.

So . . . based on my "That's not good" feeling, I'm picking ND to lose tonight's game.


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