Friday, May 24, 2013

Simply Amazing!!!

So it's Friday.  Laundry day.  Some housework on the agenda.  A checkbook to go through and some bills to pay.

I was going to go for a bike ride this morning, but it's a little cold and drizzly and I'm really not feeling that dedicated today.  Maybe if it clears up/warms up a little, then I'll head out.

I finished the laundry early, came upstairs to make breakfast, and turned on the tv to find something to watch.  NBC Sports is at Indy today, and I happened to catch the last seven laps of the Freedom 100 Indy Light race.

It was, without a doubt, the most exciting and closest finish I have ever seen on a racetrack.  The winner won by 0.0026 seconds; 3rd place was 0.1046 seconds behind; and 4th place was 0.1319 seconds behind.  Even if you aren't a race fan, you've gotta see this:


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