Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are my new favorite team in the NFL.

"Why on earth would you root for the Bills, a team that has had one winning season in the last 13 years?"

Well, there are a couple of reasons:
1) I've always tended to root for the underdog;
2) Jeff Tuel might be their starting QB for their first game.

Jeff was the QB for the WSU Cougars (Go Cougs!).  Although he was 4-22 as a starter, he . . . um . . . He's a Cougar!

WSU gave us Jack Thompson (the Throwin' Samoan), Mark Rypien (won the Super Bowl with Washington) and Drew Bledsoe (along with a few other good QB's at the college level).

Jeff led the Cougars to a win over the Hated Huskies in his final college game.

He holds the record for the best completion percentage at WSU.

He is the only WSU QB other than Drew Bledsoe to start as a true freshman.

If he does start in Week 1, he will be the first undrafted QB to start since 1970, or maybe 1967, or maybe 1950, or maybe since dirt.

He's a Cougar.  He was undrafted.  He plays for the Bills.

You can't get more underdoggy than that.


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