Sunday, October 13, 2013

No Comment

Friday night I worked one of the best high school football games I have ever been involved with.

With under two minutes to go, the home team was forced to punt.  The visitors drove for a touchdown and then executed a perfect onside kick.  They ran a few successful plays and then kicked a field goal to tie the game as time expired.

In overtime, the visitors had the ball first.  They scored a touchdown and kicked the p.a.t.  The home team had the ball next and they went in and scored a touchdown.  After a timeout, they lined up for two and ran in for a score.

Final score:  Home 32, Visitors 31.

During the overtime period I threw a flag for defensive pass interference on the home team.

Mrs. Ref didn't go to the game, but she listened to it on the radio.  When I got home, she asked me, "Who threw the flag for pass interference?"

"That would be me."

"I thought so.  The guy on the radio said, 'I have no comment about that flag.' "

For a few minutes there, I was not the most popular man in town.


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