Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Change of Positions

No . . . not me.

I've been sort of following the car wreck that is USC this season.

Lane Kiffin was fired as head coach after yet another loss to a team they should've beat.  He was not only fired, but he was fired at the airport.  After the team boarded the bus.  He was not allowed to get on the bus.  And so he was left stranded at the airport without a job and without a ride home.

No matter what you thought of Lane, that was not cool.

So then they promoted Ed Orgeron as interim head coach.  The man turned things around and turned USC into a respectable team this year.  Coach O was hoping to remove the "interim" from his job title.  And then they lost to UCLA in the big final rivalry game.

So then USC went out and hired Steve Sarkisian away from Washington.  "Sark" had been an assistant at USC for many years before UW hired him as their head coach five years ago.  And now he's back at USC and the Huskies are looking for a new head coach.

If I were UW, I'd be talking to Coach O.


Dawgdays | 1:25 AM, December 04, 2013  

No joke, especially since Mora decided to stay at UCLA.

Sark defects. Mariners offer to Bloomquist. At least the Seahawks beat on the Saints.

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