Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things that make you physically sick to your stomach

About exactly one month ago we had a new organ installed at the church.  The short story is that the desire for a new organ was a long, drawn-out process that looked like it would never happen.  And there were debates about what brand and type of organ to get.

As it happened, we were gifted with a substantial amount that covered most of the cost of the organ.  So we now have a new Allen Q350 organ at church.  It's a really great instrument that will improve the musical quality of the parish.  It replaces an older electronic organ.

The new organ has something like 48 speakers spread throughout the building.  There is a set at the back of the church on each side, there is a set above the choir section on each side, there is a set in the sanctuary on each side, and there are two LARGE bass speakers that sit on the floor against the wall behind the altar.

Last Monday, December 2, we hired a guy to take down the four old speakers that were hanging from the ceiling.  When he showed up, I told him, "You need to take down the four old speakers and shelves.  The new speakers on the new shelves stay, and the speakers behind the altar stay.  You're only removing the old big ones."

I checked on him once to see how things were going, and all was progressing well.

TODAY . . . I had some former parishioners (as in, "We used to attend here 40 years ago") come in for a visit.  I was showing them around, getting them caught up and chit chatting, when I mentioned the new organ.

"Can we see?"

You betcha.  We went into the church, showed them the organ and pointed out the six banks of speakers and the two . . . WHERE THE HELL ARE MY BASS SPEAKERS????

Yep.  The two big (36"x18"x18") bass speakers were gone.  Just . . . gone. 

I tried to remain calm while also trying to get them out of the building.  I began making phone calls -- police, insurance, contractor -- covering all my bases.  While the cops were here, I heard back from the contractor.

"I thought you said to take ALL the big speakers."


"I'll try to track them down."

A few hours later, they were returned.  The organ company is coming through town this weekend and will re-attach them.

After all that, I need a glass of wine and a football game on TV.


Lady Anne | 5:04 PM, December 11, 2013  

You are fortunate he hadn't already sold them for scrap or something. (BTW, just how large IS your sanctuary?) Did you see the news about a church in Oklahoma that had a 1,000 bell stolen from their steeple? Yeesh.

Reverend Ref + | 7:55 PM, December 11, 2013  

Yes, we are very fortunate. Apparently one of the crew was thinking along the lines of, "These will be SO AWESOME for that in-home theater!"

Our sanctuary is really large. The full chancel area (choir and sanctuary) is slightly more than 1/3 of the entire nave. You can bury several bishops there.

And, no, I missed the article about the bell.

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