Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy Epiphany

What?  Your kids don't wake you up at 5:30 in the predawn morning eager to see what the Wise Men left under the Epiphany tree?

Yeah, well, neither do mine.

We held our annual 12th Night/Epiphany Party last night at the church.  It was advertised as "Potluck dinner at 5:30 followed by a gift exchange ($20 limit) for those who want to participate."

At 5:30 we had maybe eight people.

Between 5:31 and 5:42, maybe another 25+ showed up.  Everyone had a good time (the ring, dime and thimble were all found) and the gift exchange was also fun.  In years past we did the "everyone draws a number then pick a gift or steal from the person in front of you" thing.  This year Mrs. Ref suggested that we put everybody in a circle with a gift while I read the Epiphany story, and every time I paused during the reading, people would pass their gift to the left.

It was something new and it was fun.

Today was spent cleaning up the last of the decorations, storing the Christmas figures back downstairs and taking down the tree.

We are slowly returning to normal -- whatever that is.

This afternoon I spent time at the hospital visiting a parishioner who just had hip replacement surgery.  He is in fine form and hopefully not trying the patience of the nursing staff too much.  On my way out, I ran into a couple who have attended off and on.  He was getting a blood draw, so nothing serious.  But we talked for quite awhile in the hospital lobby about everything from Corvette's to becoming a member of the parish.

It's been a good day.

Happy Epiphany.  May the Spirit of God lead you down unknown roads.


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