Thursday, February 13, 2014

Football Thoughts

I know . . . the Super Bowl is done and past and there won't be any (pro) games until August.  If you're really desperate, you can probably catch a few spring games on ESPN in April-May - ish.

But we had a board meeting for my officiating group earlier this month, and we've got another one coming up in a few weeks.  And today, I received an e-mail detailing the new rules and changes for the 2014 season.

The major changes this year are the addition of a targeting rule -- intentionally hitting a player above the shoulders is now an official no-no, and adding "defenseless player" to our definitions.

Other changes include limiting legal formations by the kicking team on kick-offs, roughing the passer has been expanded, and clarifications for illegal kicks and extending a period with an untimed down.

Thrilling stuff, I know.  But we all get excited about different things.


Lady Anne | 6:31 PM, February 13, 2014  

A British woman in our parish says she can never understand American football. "All it is, is a lot of grown men rolling on the ground." But it does look as if you are trying to cut out some of the unnecessary roughness.

Reverend Ref + | 9:08 AM, February 14, 2014  

I would contend American football is easier to understand than cricket.

Lady Anne | 3:19 PM, February 14, 2014  

Oh, I'll grant you that!

Watching baseball is easier to understand that trying to explain it, but cricket is like English crossword puzzles. You have to learn it with your mother's milk.

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