Friday, March 28, 2014


Fridays are my day off (besides Saturday).  I've taken Fridays as my day off since I was first ordained and getting settled into my new job in Montana.  I had two churches and I needed to figure out how to split my time; so it just made sense to work Monday & Wednesday in one office, Tuesday & Thursday in the other office, and Friday & Saturday off.

On Fridays I do chores.  Mainly laundry, but a few others here and there.  Paying bills is also on the list.

Like many people my age, I've been paying bills for a very long time.  I've got a system that works pretty good.  But this isn't about the system, this is about sending in my payment.

Mrs. Ref belongs to a local gym.  They used to do all of their billing from their local office.  For some reason, they thought that if the bill was due on the 5th of the month, they should send them out on the 4th of the month.  Recently, though, they contracted with an outside company to do their billing, and that company is based in Arizona.  But here's the great thing:  The envelopes they include with the billing statement for sending in payments Require No Postage if Mailed in the United States.

How cool is that!?!  I have never in my life had an invoice that included a postage-paid envelope.

For all of the other crap they include, you'd think they would have a prepaid envelope for invoices.


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