Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What am I saying?

We've been in Prague for about a week now.  Part of that time was spent in Dresden, Germany.

While here, I've been picking up a little bit on the language.  Such as (and this will all be spelled wrong because a) I can't spell in Czech; and b) Czech is a language in need of vowels):

Do-qui = thank you
Dobra Dan = good day
Yahodi = strawberry
Pomahrahnj = orange (the kind you eat)
oranjava = orange (the color)
Proseem = please
Haski Dan = have a nice day
Ananeece = pineapple
Babuchka = grandma
Audabuchda = turn
  These last two sound almost identical when heard on a Garmin.  So the joke around here has to do with me and those words.
Most = bridge
Hora = mountain

When we were up in Dresden, some of the German words were coming back to me from my last trip there a few years ago:

Guten Tag = good day
Guten Morgan = good morning
Bitte = please
Chooss = good bye
Konig = king

We left Dresden yesterday (on a really nice bus that puts some airplanes to shame) and arrived back in Prague and the house around 10:30.  I went to bed at 11 and was looking forward to sleeping in, which I did.  In the morning, in my semi-awake and drowsy state, I said, "Guten morgan" to Monika's mom.  And then I realized what I had said, and said, "Oops ... Dobra Dan."

Yep, that's me .... your typical trilingual world traveler.


The young fogey | 9:17 PM, April 19, 2014  

Czech is Russian's cousin so I can read some of it. I've heard it's the most difficult Slavic language. Sounds that are so hard that some Czechs can't say them right.

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