Sunday, August 31, 2014

Not to be cynical, but . . .

I had a couple come in asking for help with gas last week.  Nothing unusual there.

What was unusual was that they said they wanted to make a new start and do things right.  That meant attending church and could I tell them about mine.

I talked with them for 30-45 minutes.  Besides wanting to attend church, they were also wondering if I would do marriage counseling with them.  Yes, they knew they were already married, but they could benefit from going through classes as a good starting point toward doing things right.

I gave them an overview of the church, and that, yes, I would meet with them for the marriage prep classes.

They left and said they would see me on Sunday.

They were not in attendance today.  And, honestly, when I told them that the Episcopal church looked a lot like the Roman Catholic Church and the husband said, "I like the Catholic services when I was at San Quentin," I really didn't expect to see them in the pews today.


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