Friday, March 13, 2015

Mom was right

A long, long time ago . . .

Mrs. Ref and I were in the position of having to name The Kid that would soon be arriving.

I wanted to name her Andrea, after my maternal Grandfather, if it was a girl.  If it was a boy, I wanted to name it David J Ref.  That's J without a period.  That would accomplish three things -- my maternal Grandfather's middle name was J, my Dad's name was Jim and my Father-in-Law was Joel.  By naming it David J, we could tell each person (except grandpa, who was dead by now) that he was named after him.

It was Brilliant, I tell you . . . Brilliant!

Mrs. Ref overruled that idea.

She wanted to name it Priscilla or something odd like that.  I vetoed that name.  We actually did settle on the boy's name rather quickly -- David Joel.

The girl's name, however, took a little more time.  We eventually settled on a name (and a spelling) that we could agree.  When we notified her mom, my M-i-L, her exact words were, "That's horrible .... that's an old woman's name."

Mrs. Ref responded, "I hope she'll be an old woman some day."

The name stuck.

I've been saying for years that The Kid drives like an old woman.  Why drive the speed limit, when 5 mph under is much safer?  And she wouldn't dream of pulling out into traffic unless there's enough clearance for an airplane to land.

Today she asked me if I wanted to walk over to the bank with her.  Before we left, she came running out of her room all excited.  She had apparently found a "crap-load" of twenties stashed away in a pillow case from her college days.

Yep . . . mom was right.


Lady Anne | 6:56 PM, March 13, 2015  

At least you had a name picked out. When I was born, and turned out to be a daughter instead of a son, nobody had a clue what to call me. My grandfather asked my mother if she "thought she was being funny". I was almost named Anna Augusta, which, oddly enough, was my first husband's mother's name.

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