Monday, August 24, 2015


Went grocery shopping yesterday after services.  Grabbed the wrong keys and locked ourselves out of the house.

Made contact with a friend who has a key, and he unlocked the door for us while we were out.

Finished grocery shopping, loaded the car, went to leave, and the battery was dead.  Called a friend and asked them to come get our groceries and I'd deal with the car later.

One of the passersby whom Mrs. Ref asked if he had jumper cables, and had said no, came back by with a pair of jumper cables he had just purchased.

Our friend showed up just as he was coming by.  We transferred groceries.  The car started.  We got home and unloaded everything.

Called for a new battery this morning and got that fixed.

Came into the church and was just notified that our main sign had been vandalized.  Some young twerp decided it would be a good idea to spray paint over the word CHURCH.

Can I go home now????


Lady Anne | 4:00 PM, August 25, 2015  

Some days, the only solution is to go home, pull the covers over your head, and pray. (Um, how's the washing machine holding up?)

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