Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I received a couple of new games for next week.

For almost ever since I have been part of my current Association, I work exclusively in two positions:  Monday through Friday afternoon, I'm the white hat (meaning the Referee . . . meaning the guy you see on t.v. announcing the penalties); and on Friday night I work as the Back Judge (meaning my responsibility is from me to the goal line, however far that may be, and to rule primarily on pass interference).

Two spots.  Almost always.

And when I came into this Association, I told the assigning secretary, "I don't work Umpire" (meaning, the guy in the middle of everything who usually gets run over, meaning the position of the guy in Texas who was assaulted by those two nitwits).

And by now, you've figure out the reason for this post:

I'm working as an Umpire in a game next week.

Pray for me.


Lady Anne | 10:18 AM, October 22, 2015  

Sometimes, all you have to say is "I don't..." and next thing you know, "you ARE..."
Is it too late to get this changed? Claim you don't know how to do it. Anything!

Reverend Ref + | 10:55 AM, October 22, 2015  

Well, like one of my game partners said yesterday, "Dude, it's 7th grade middle school, 8-man football . . . how hard can it be?"

If it were a higher grade level and 11-man, I'd be worried. At this point though, it's more of a, "seriously?" reaction. And, like I told my boss, "It'll make me appreciate a good umpire even more."

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