Friday, April 01, 2016

Football Season Approacheth

In just three short months, the RVFOA (the official name of the officials' group I belong to) will begin meeting.  This is when we really start digging into the rules and mechanics books to start getting mentally ready for the season.

In five months the games will begin and we'll be off and running.

I am once again in charge of the rookies.  This means I get to meet with them 1-1/2 hours ahead of our regularly scheduled meeting to go over rules, mechanics, uniforms, expectations, and anything else a rookie official might need to know.

So in preparation for the upcoming season, it's about time I also start physically preparing.  Today was the first day out on the bike.  I stopped at the local Les Schwab Tire Center and had them put air in the tires, and then I went on my traditional short route.  I'm not quite ready for the freeway ride to Hugo, but I'll get there.  As it was, my legs were a little rubbery when I got home.

Spring is here and football is in the air!


Lady Anne | 9:43 PM, April 03, 2016  

Yeesh! Can't you guys wait for baseball to at least get a running start? Talk about rushing things.

Reverend Ref + | 10:56 AM, April 04, 2016  

Not rushing . . . just taking the time to make sure I'm properly prepared. Think of it in the same way as, "Pitchers and catchers report."

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