Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Such as . . .

This came across my NYT feed yesterday:

Speaker Paul D. Ryan called Donald J. Trump's comments about a Hispanic-American judge "racist," but said there was more "common ground" with him than with his presidential rival.

And it got me thinking about all the other things they have in common, such as:

Blaming the poor for their plot in life;
Blaming rape victims for getting raped;
Taking a stand against paying living wages;
Taking a stand against providing Americans with affordable health care;
Continuing the fight to ensure forced births;
Granting companies the right to discriminate based on "deeply held religious beliefs";
Taking a stand against any non-Christian group;
Taking a stand against any "incorrect" Christian group;
Seeing predatory lenders as good business models;
Standing up for the rights of oppressed white males;
Viewing women as subordinate;
Viewing non-white people as parasites;
Seeing corporate bailouts as good for business, but social welfare recipients as moochers;
Thinking all Muslims are terrorists;
Wanting a national registry for Muslims so we can keep an eye on them;
Opposing giving the same rights and privileges to non-white males that white-males have;
Making "pro-life" claims while supporting the death penalty and increasing access to weapons;
A "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality;
Banning abortion while not providing support for infant care or low-cost/free daycare;
Refusing to research and implement alternative energy sources;
Ignoring the global warming problem;
Ignoring science in general;
A general belief in urban myths over actual facts.

I'm sure there are more, but it would appear Speaker Ryan was correct:  he does have more common ground with Mr. Trump than that insignificant fact that Trump is a blatant racist.

Oh, goody.


Lady Anne | 2:08 PM, June 12, 2016  

You wonder why these bozos don't have beards down to their knees. It must be hard to shave when you can't stand to face yourself in the mirror.

We sponsored a young man from Morocco for a school year, and he would just fly into a rage over the Taliban, and when that terrorist group rigged a Russian school and killed a lot of women and children, he was beside himself. "If they think Allah is going to let them into Paradise with the blood of innocents on their hands, they are in for a BIG surprise." We learned so much about what Islam is, and is not, from him. I often think every family should take the time and effort to get to know a Muslim person *as a person*; it would solve a lot of our problems.

Come to think of it, that rather ties into today's Gospel, doesn't it?

spookyrach | 4:07 PM, June 13, 2016  

So true.

It would make so much difference if we all expanded our world.

At lunch today, I sat at the cool kids table discussing how we don't realize that we don't have a homeless problem until we go somewhere else and encounter actual homeless persons, on the street or elsewhere. We had no idea what a privileged little corner of the world we exist in. I do not personally know a Muslim. I do not live within 50 miles of anyone who speaks a language other than English or Spanish. I have a few gay friends, but many people I know cannot name a single gay person they are acquainted with. I don't know anyone personally who is Jewish. There are no Asians in this county. There are only seven Democrats that voted in the last election in this county. The most 'exotic' religion in town is the Jehovah's Witness group and they only meet once a month or so.

We gotta work at it to have anything more than the most myopic worldview. We need to work harder. I need to work harder.

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