Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 14

Moving right along . . . we are now on day 14 of our move east. 

We haven't killed each other yet, but Mrs. Ref is currently having a discussion with the cats.

Today is a quiet, restful day, which is greatly needed after two long drives and two time zone changes over the last three days.  Tomorrow will include a trip into Chicago proper for breakfast with a cousin of Mrs. Ref and lunch with several seminary friends.

Sunday we are debating on which church to attend.  If FP+ shows up for lunch, then we will attend St. A's.  If FP+ isn't at lunch, then we will look to attend the church where he is guest preaching.

Monday we will be leaving our host/hostess EARLY EARLY EARLY in order to get to Detroit to see our friend Dave.  He wandered into the church in VC one Sunday in 2006 saying he was the musician for the local summer theater and asked if he could play for us on Sundays.  I may be slow, but I'm not stupid, and he played every summer for three years.  He works for the Detroit Fox Theater and plays for the Red Wings, as well as a bunch of other stuff.  And then we head to Ann Arbor to see more old friends.

On Tuesday we will head down to Canton, OH, pay a visit to the NFL Hall of Fame and get rested for the final leg of the journey.

And on Wednesday we will finally arrive in our new home town.  With any luck the moving van will arrive the next day (but I'm not holding my breath).

All ..... most ..... there.


Lady Anne | 4:36 PM, October 14, 2016  

Did you ever find your mandatory meds? Man, do I know how *that* is! Sometimes, sometimes, you can find an OTC that will cover you for a day or two, but not often. You have our sympathy.

drpcp | 4:21 PM, October 15, 2016  

I live somewhat near your new place, and I have a few days off in the coming weeks. If there's anything I can do to help you get settled in, I'll gladly help. I figure I owe you after reading all these years.

Reverend Ref + | 7:43 PM, October 15, 2016  

L.A.: I believe the mandatory meds are in the moving van. We don't know for sure, but inventory number 131 has all the makings of the missing items -- right description and bunched with stuff from the same area of the house. Here's hoping we're right.

drpcp: First, thanks for reading. Second, I will keep you in mind if we feel like we need the help. Third, we're planning a big-deal service at St. John's on Nov. 6, come by for a visit.

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