Tuesday, December 23, 2003


This will be our last Christmas at SWTS. We are one of the few that don't leave the block during the holidays -- too far home and too much $$$. My daughter has become the local pet sitter (her favorite channel, afterall, is Animal Planet). In previous times, it's been a cat or two. This year, it's a bit different. We acquired two cats last spring, and a few weeks ago the kid was given two guinea pigs (my biggest disappointment is that the cats don't seem to care). She is also taking care of three other cats in the other building and the dog of a faculty member.

The only problems I have with all of this is that 1) I'm six months away from graduating -- we aren't supposed to be collecting more stuff, and 2) wherever we end up we'll have to get a dog. I really don't like dogs.



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