Saturday, January 03, 2004


Can you hear it? The clock, ticking down until the GOE, that is. Really, I'M NOT STRESSED. Really. Honest. I'm fine.

But this weekend is full of "get ready" types of things. I'm running through old GOE questions one more time to get a feel for them, and reading the answers to get a feel for my thoughts compared to others who have taken this thing in the past. We need to get laundry done and get Mrs. Ref and The Kid ready to move out (they are staying in a hotel this week so nobody accidentally dies). Which means we need to have everything ready for them ie food, clothes, etc. I've also completed the next two lesson plans for Children's Chapel that need to go to my replacements so that I don't have to deal with that during the GOE. And finally, I finished my sermon that I'm preaching on 1/18. That's a big plus, because now I don't have to write it during my first week of field ed, I just have to practice the delivery.

Not much to say at this point. I wonder if this is how first time astronauts feel? Strapped to a pillar of explosives, wondering if all of your training will pay off or if you'll be the one to make the mistake that leads to a fiery end. Such comforting thoughts.

The GOE eucharist is tomorrow, and I just found out that someone actually scheduled sacs for this thing. How considerate. I'm really looking forward to that service. Mrs. Ref, in a fit of creative inspiration, has a gift for all of the exam takers that will be passed out during the service. That'll be fun.

I have also met with my GOE Chaplain. She's so sweet. She's got all my meals planned out and when she's going to deliver them, asking what I do and don't like, am I allergic to anything, etc etc etc. I'm not confident about this thing, but I'll be comfortable and well fed.



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