Friday, January 02, 2004


For anyone who's actually read the posts here, you'll remember that I shot off an e-mail to the local CCM station asking why they stop playing Christmas music the day after Christmas - just when the season is actually starting. I think I sent one to the program director and got no response. I also sent one to the morning dj, without a response. Until this morning. Imagine that.

She was very polite and promised to pass on my "concern" to the mucky mucks who make those types of decisions. Not that I'll be here next year to hear Christmas music after Christmas day, but hey, at least she didn't blow me off, right? And on a somewhat surprising note, she actually said that her family celebrates the 12 days of Christmas. I guess there's hope for the Protestants after all.

Side note: The Kid called the station the other day and asked the dj why they won't play Christmas music. She was very polite about the whole thing, but didn't seem entirely convinced when she was told that Christmas was over. Yes, this is the same Kid who told a fellow seminarian that her Nativity scenes were wrong because the wisemen were at the manger. I think she needs to join an altar guild somewhere.



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