Tuesday, February 10, 2004


I went to a clergy conference today that was billed as a pre-Lenten seminar. Martin Marty was the keynote speaker and did a great job. He didn't really say anything that we didn't already know, but sometimes it's nice to hear someone with more brains than I have talk about common sense issues.

The theme of the day was hospitality and how we can be hospitable to those we disagree with without compromising our values. The key here is that you can't compare your gospel of love with their gospel of hate. You need to compare your gospel of love with their gospel of love, as well as examine their gospel of hate with your gospel of hate.

What I was really excited about, though, was seeing a whole bunch of clergy people that I actually knew. George and Fran and Pam and Chris, all former SWTS people, were there, as well as several clergy from my field ed group and several other clergy that I've met at deanery meetings. This cave-dwelling introvert actually enjoyed that.

After Dr. Marty spoke we celebrated a eucharist and then I had to skeedaddle back to St. A's for the women's bible study. Since I'm preaching next week up in Galena, the rector thought it would be a good idea for me to lead this session. It went relatively well, although it's surprising how quickly the group can move from Luke's version of the beatitudes to the sanctity of marriage. But I managed to reel them back in and keep them on the topic at hand.

I then headed home and made a call to the deployment officer of BSC (the "other" diocese I've mentioned, but abbreviating this way saves time and actually makes sense once you know where I'm looking). Anyway, she discussed several possibilities that we might consider together. All three locations are yoked, one position consisting of three locations. I'm trying to avoid flashbacks to Columbus. But then I remind myself, "Nothing else is like Columbus."

There are a lot of things to consider: location, schools for the kid, employment options for Mrs. Ref, involvement of the laity, past situations and the willingness to move forward, etc. etc. etc. So I'm putting together a letter of interest and forwarding that, along with my resume and references to the d.o.

That about gets me up to date. Tonight is episode 2 of Gonzaga basketball on ESPN2. Don't forget.



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