Wednesday, February 11, 2004


So I've sent my resume and stuff off to BSC. It turns out that the d.o. knows my bishop -- how fortunate. I also e-mailed my bishop and told him I was pursuing opportunities in BSC.

Today was the full field ed group, supervisors and seminarians. On the way to the meeting I told the facilitator of the group, who rode up with me and my supervisor, that I was looking into BSC. It turns out that he knows the d.o. there and thought that there were some good opportunities. I told him to put in a good word for me.

We had a good discussion around the issue of money. Is it ever appropriate to accept gifts from parishioners? One priest was given a pair of red boxer shorts for Pentecost. Not appropriate. One priest was given $2500 for continuing ed and a sabbatical. Appropriate but uncomfortable. One priest receives a Christmas bonus based on the budget. Appropriate. One priest will take all cash donations and put them into the discretionary fund. Another priest will accept all gifts.

It appears that each person needs to figure out for themselves what is or is not appropriate. Any thoughts from the readers?

We also talked about pledges. Do you know who pledges what? Does that cause problems? How can you get people to increase their pledges. All kinds of thoughts on that one too. I got some good ideas and lots to think about.

I got home and checked my e-mail. My bishop responded. It turns out that he also knows the d.o. of DSC, is a good friend of their (new) bishop and preached at his consecration service. He also had nothing but good things to say. This whole thing might come down to who I know. You have no idea how ironic that is.



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