Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Wednesday was my seminarian group meeting. I gave them the rundown on what happened (see Light Day), and the general consensus was that I screwed up. By having A contact Mrs. Ref, I allowed myself to be triangulated in a mess that I didn't need to be in. The question becomes, "Because it is apparent that you know both sides of the story, are people going to wonder what they can and can't tell you?"

The conclusion of the group was that I should have insisted Mrs. Ref contact A on her own. HMMM

I guess I still don't buy that. Maybe the next time a similar situation comes up I will ask Mrs. Ref if she wants me to arrange that the two of them meet; something like, "Do you want me to corner A and make sure she doesn't get out of here without seeing you?"

The meeting yesterday between Mrs. Ref and A went okay, from my wife's side. I didn't see A today. I'll have to pay attention and see what happens tomorrow.


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