Monday, February 02, 2004


Today is Letdown Monday. The day when all football fans have to look forward are the Pro Bowl and the vast emptiness that looms until August.

For those wondering, I did in fact pick Carolina to win the game. And it was certainly looking like overtime after the Panthers tied it at 29. But then John Kasay made probably the biggest single mistake in Superbowl history (maybe even beating out Jackie Smith -- I think Jackie should call John and offer words of wisdom) by kicking the ball out of bounds, thereby allowing the Pats to start a drive at the 40.

I can't complain about the game though. It had everything. A great defensive struggle. A team managing to stay in it when they started almost every drive from inside the 15 and had -13 yards passing. Great offense. Great plays. Great officiating (I've known for a long time that Ed Hochuli runs a great game, and yesterday proved it). And another last-second field goal to win it. This is what Superbowls are supposed to be like.

What it didn't have was great commercials. What happened there? Most of the ones I saw had previously aired, and the new ones were totally uninspired. Kind of like the Bears offense the past few years.

And no, I didn't watch the halftime show. I NEVER watch halftime shows.

Pro-Bowl prediction: AFC


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